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Royal Belum Villa & Belum Rainforest Pavilion

Gerik, Perak


project brief

Belum Rainforest Villa (Villa Santubong) and Belum Rainforest Pavilion are a luxury hotel and meeting destination, set in a 130-million year old rain forest on Banding island in Grik, Perak.


A ‘reforestation’ project which replanted and regenerated areas of forest that suffered erosion and environmental damage, combined with a design intent to merge the old rain forest seamlessly with our design, trees carefully selected and approved by arborists ensured plant species were kept native to the area.


Environmental conservation activities are the main attraction of this development, so we believe in enhancing the ecosystem of ‘blue’ and ‘green’ elements; as our Malaysian natural heritage is worth protecting for the enjoyment of future generations.


This project won an Honour Award at the 2016 Malaysian Landscape Architecture Awards.

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